Insert a Text box Tutorial

Microsoft Word

Objective: To insert a text box into a Microsoft Word document

Introduction: Microsoft Word provides a variety of "AutoShapes" that users can insert into documents to enhance format. A text box is a type of "AutoShape" that is frequently used in documents. Text inserted into a "box" (text box), or other "AutoShape", can effectively highlight a key quote or thought found within a document. Text boxes are simple to use, and easy to customize (i.e. - color, border, font, position, text wrap) through the use of the drawing toolbar.

Skill Practice: Insert a text box

Step 1: Open the file you want to add a text box to.
Step 2: Go to Insert > Text Box. Your cursor should now look like a "+".

Step 3: Move your cursor to the location in your document where you want the text box to be inserted. Left click and "drag" your cursor in any direction. A box will appear, and it's size will be determined by how far you drag the cursor.

Step 4: When you have reached the desired text box size, release the left mouse key. The text box will now appear in your document. You will see "sizing handles around the text box. These can be used to adjust text box size or text box position in your document. If you do not wish to adjust size or position, click on any other part of your document, and the "sizing handles" will disappear.

Step 5: To format the text box, left click on the text box so that the "sizing handles" appear. Go to Format > Text Box. The "format text box" window will appear offering a variety of formatting options for your text box.

* Note *: A textbox can be directly inserted into a document via the drawing toolbar. To use the drawing toolbar, go to View > Toolbars > Drawing and click on the text box icon .